Albertsons and Safeway updates 4/19-4/21

Albertson- thank you to Deborah of Deborah's Coupons

Albertsons has a flyer for their coupons and 3 doubles up to $1.00 off. The manufacture coupon must not be over $1.00 to double it. There are so many deals you can get with the doubles. I will just give you a couple.

Darigold 16 oz. Milk is $1.25. Use the $1.00/2 Darigold Milk and you get 2 for only $.50.

Post Trail Mix Crunch is regular $5.09 and is on sale for $2.79. Today I used 4 $1.00 manufacture coupons and the 3 doubles. In addition, $3.99 was taken off automatically for Free Soymilk even though I didn't buy the soy milk. So I got the 4 boxes for only $.17. In addition, I got $3.00 cash back off my next order from the cat machine. So to re-cap, I got 4 boxes of cereal for $.17 and $3.00 off my next order. Today is the last day for the cash back from Post. You can still get the $3.99 Soymilk refund off your receipt for just buying the cereal.

There is an ad for Safeway in Sundays paper and there are 4 Coupons
Lipton Iced Tea 12 pk 3.99; Cheerios $1.99; Oscar Mayer Fun Packs or Deli Creations 2/$4;
& Signature Cafe Reg sized Deli Sandwich $3.99

One of the specials I have seen written down anywhere is the Pasta Roni special for $.89 combined with the RedPlum Printable coupon HERE for $1/3
So 6 Pasta Roni's = $2.67
subtract $1 coupon
& $.50 doubler=$1.17/3 = $.39 ea!
Now a little tip you may or may not know is to add an extra cup of pasta which makes it go further as well as cuts down on the sodium as well. You may need to boil the pasta separately for it to work right and add in at the end. If not for you then it would be a great item to donate to a food pantry at your Church or to a shelter!

-I don't see this in my Ad. Deborah lives in Washington and sometime the ads can be a little different but wanted to include it in case it would work here too---Angle Soft bath tissue is on sale for $1.25. Use the $.50 manufacture/double (04-19 RP)and you get it for only $.25.

Electrasol Finish is regular $5.99. It's on sale for $3.99. Use the $2.50 manufacture/double(04-19S ) for $3.00 off. This will make your final cost only $.99.

Right Gaurd or Dry Idea deodorant is BOGO use the $1/1 (04-19 S)( you may be able to use 2) and doubler=

2/$3.29= 2/$1.79 or with 2 coupons & doubler =2/$.29!

Dog Food and Cat Food

Goodlife Recipe Dog Food 4 lb. regular price is $6.29.

Goodlife Recipe Cat Food 3 lb. regular price is $5.49.

Both are on sale for $4.49. Use the $3.00 manufacture coupon and double and your cost will be only $.99.


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