Grocery sales 4/1-4/8

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Thanks to Deborah of Deborah's coupons for her weekly newsletter and to Savings with Louise. Her additions are in the larger type. I have deleted some because they are duplicates and added my own "finds"

They are having a great meat sale this week that if you combine it with the $10/$50 it is even better! That means you could stock your freezer up with $30lbs of meat for $40!

All these at $1.69 lb:

Ranchers Reserve 7 bone Pot Roast or Chuck Blade Roast

80% lean Hamburger

Safeway Bnls/Skinless Chicken Breast

Whole Boneless Pork loin (lean)

In foodDay there are coupons:
$10 off your next grocery purchase of $50 or more.

Chinese Cuisine Happy Family Combo $4.99

The following are limit 1 with $10 purchase:

Tillamook Chunk Cheese 32 oz. $4.49

10-lb. Bag Russet Potatoes $1.29

Honey Suckle Boneless Turkey Breast 3-lb. $5.00

Safeway Butter Top Breads 22-oz. White or Wheat

The doubles are back!

There are several coupons and Super coupons. I will just list a few.

Oreos $1.99 Limit 1

Lucerne Butter $.99

Post Fruity Pebbles or Life $.99 Limit 1

Lucerne Eggs 18-Ct. $1.99 Limit 1

Dial Soap 8-ct. or Body Wash $2.99 Limit 1 Use the $.35 manufacture/ double coupons for a buy of $2.29.

Wesson Cooking Oil 48 oz. $2.49

C&H Sugar 5-lb. $1.89 Use the $.35 manufacture/double and your cost is only $1.19. 3/15 RP(This is a better deal than Albertsons coupon on the 4-lb. sugar for $1.39 You get more for less with the C&H)

Iceberg Lettuce $.78

Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap 7.5 oz. Pump $1.00 Also use the $.35 manufacture/double 03-29 S and your cost is only $.30.

There's a Mix & Match sale 2 for $9.99. Check out the front page of the ad for all the items. Some of them you can match up your coupons.

Nestle Baking Morsels, 10 - 12 oz. are $2. a bag. Use the .75/1 coupon in the 3/29 RP and pay $1.25 a bag.

If you use the double in the circular you get another .50 off and pay .75 for a bag!

If you need paper products check out their Big Sizes Big Savings deal. Buy 2 of the larger packages for $9.99 each. And you can use coupons on this as well. Make your matches at

Check out their Super Coupons... and manufacturer's coupons to go along with them

Tide Laundry Detergent 150 oz, 2X Liquid for $16.99. Use the .35/1 coupon in the 3/1 PG. Or the $1./1 in the PG Year of Savings book if you have it. This is not a bad deal... if you are also going to use this as part of the $10 off $50 deal it's a better deal!

Coupon for the Dixie Plates 03-15 RP

Colgate toothpaste $.75 off 03-29 S/03-15 S

Crest toothpaste $.50 03-15 PG

Dial body wash $1/2 03-08 S

Huggies $1.50 03-01 S

Garnier Fructis $1 off 01-04 R2/03-08 RP

Hefty Trash Bags are $5.49. Use the $1./1 coupon in the 3/8 RP.

There is also a coupon for 18 Lucerne Eggs for $1.99.

Now, they have a buy 5 save $5 mix and match deal. Plus, when you buy 5 participating items you'll receive a coupon for a FREE MLB team T-shirt. (Note: The shirt is a coupon you receive and you have to redeem it. Limit 1 shirt per household.) So... the trick here is of course to only do this if you will use the items and if possible buy the least exp

Here is an example of making this deal work for you. I'm going to pick up 5 bags of chips (Summer is coming and we'll be eating chips!). Total cost is $9.95 - $5 instant discount total price is $4.95 for 5 bags... and my husband gets a new T-Shirt. DEAL!
* Libby's note- potato and Corn chips freeze BEAUTIFULLY. *
Now is when I get healthy on you...
Broccoli Crowns, .88 lb.
5 lb. box of Cuties for $4.88 (note, check under the bag in the box, I've heard there are sometimes $1. off coupons in there)
Red Domestic D'Anjou or Bosc Pears are $1. lb.

Don't forg
et the Tillamook Cheese coupon, $10/50 and double coupon.

Doubles are available in the 4/5 ad

The Post cereal sale is still going on for another week. It's on sale for $1.57 for each 2 boxes you purchase.03-01 S/03-29 S I have gotten several boxes and several of the $5.00 cash back off my next order. The machine that gives out coupons and cash back is called a Catalina, nick named Cat. So when I mention Cats in the future, you will know what I'm taking about.

Kelloggs cereal is $1.99 Select Varieties 04-05 RP $1.50/1

You get up to 3 gallons of milk Free when purchasing these cereals.

Seedless Red or Green Grapes $.99 lb.

Barilla Pasta is $1.00. Use the $.50 manufacture coupon 03-29 Sand it is $.50.

Hormel Chili $1.00 Use the $.55/2 manufacture coupon.03-15 S

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers Vegetables 12 oz. $1.00

Wesson Cooking Oil 48 oz. $2.50

Shoppers Value Tomato Sauce 3 for $1.00

Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce $1.00

Cake Mate Decors or Decoration Gel is $1.25

There are a lot of items that you can get free eggs with the coupons. Most of these are not very good deals.


Imperial Margarine 1 lb. $.49 Limit 8

Equaline Aspirin 100 ct. $.98 Limit 2

Shoppers Value Granulated Sugar 4 lb. $1.39 Limit 2

Hi-Grade Boneless Whole Tenderlean Ham 4 lb. Ham $5.96 Limit 4

Country Farms Bread $1.47 Limit 4

Bar S Bacon 16 oz. $2.38 Limit 2

Red Baron Classic, Stone Hearth or Thin Crust Pizza $2.77 Limit

I'll be stocking up on Swanson's Broth. It is on sale for .59 each. I go through Chicken stock like crazy!03-29 S

Cans of Dole Pineapple, Oranges and Tropical Fruit are on sale for $1. a can. Grab 2 and use the .55/2 coupon in the 3/29 SS. You'll pay $1.45 for 2 cans. I always keep canned fruit in the pantry this way if I'm in between trips to the store I have fruit for the kids.

Plus they have a bunch of coupons where if you buy an item you get FREE eggs. Check it out in their circular.


Last but not least, the Thriftway circular is always worth checking out. I usually end up picking up on-sale produce on any given week. They have a double coupon in their circular (4 up to .50 each = max value $2).

They have an Extra Value Coupon, 10 Yoplait Yogurts for $4, with minimum purchase $10. Good deal!
02-08 GM Expires 4/4

Hot house tomatoes are .88 lb.
Romaine, green leaf or red leaf lettuce is .88 lb.
Coupon for 10 lb Russet Potatoes for .98 cents.
Organic Grape Tomatoes are $2.99
Organic Lemons 3/$1
Red or Golden Delicious Apples are .69 lb

God bless your week and hope this helps you Bailout Your Budget


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