Albertsons 6/24 - 6/30


This week in the ad are just 2 doubles, but at least they do have the 2.

There is also 1 coupon and it is for Artic Shores Cooked or Raw Shrimp $4.99 Limit 2 Bags

Shopper's Value Milk is 3 for $5.00 ( $1.67 ea!)

Peaches or Nectarines are $.99 lb.

Oscar Mayer Lunchables are $1.00

Coke, 7-Up, and Pepsi products are $2.60 when you buy 5.

Buy 3 Select General Mills or Nature Valley cereals for $2.49 and you get a Free Gallon of Milk off your next purchase. Also use any manufacture coupons you may have for these cereals and your double.

There are a lot of items to items to use those doubles on to get a good buy. A couple would be on the drinkable milk containers.
Darigold milk is $1.00 Use the $1.00/2 manuacture 04-05-09 SS and double and you get 2 for FREE.
Nesquik milk is also $1.00. Use the $1.00/2 manuacture/double06-21-09 RP and you get 2 for FREE.
Kens Salad Dressing is still on sale for $1.00 Use the $1.00 manufacture/ double coupons 05-03 S and the dressing is Free.

Pampers, Easy Ups, Huggies and more are on sale for $10.69. Use your manufacture and double to get some good buy on diapers. 06-07-09 PG

There's a good sale when you buy 10 items, $5.00 will be taken off.
Select Kellogg's cereal is $1.49 when 10 items are bought. Also use the $1.00 or $1.50 manufacture coupons 06-07 RP to get the cereal for either $.49 or the $1.50 coupon will give you the cereal FREE. Use the doubles and you will get some overage.

Buy 10 Taco Bell items and you pay only $.50 each. This is the cheapest I've seen for the Taco Shells and Taco Sauce.

Activia Yogurt is $1.49 when you buy 10 items. I ordered these coupons 03-01 S off ebay a couple weeks ago so I will be getting the yogurt for $.49
Hershey's Syrup is $1.49 Also use the $1.00/2 manufacture Hershey's coupon 05-17 S1 and doubles. With the double you cost would only be $.98 for 2 bottles.

There are many items that are $1.00. Some extra good buys are:
Grill Mates Seasonings is $1.00. Use the $.50 manufacture/double coupons 05-03 RP and it's FREE.
Pillsbury Brownie Mix is $1.00. Use the $.35 manuf/double coupons 03-29 RP or 04-19-09 RP and your price is only $.30.

Because you are limited to only 2 doubles, double the manufacture coupons that are the higher value coupon.
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