July 12th ads

Thank you Deborah for all your work! Hope everyone is having a great summer. I'd love for anyone who uses this blog to leave a comment so i know my work is helping someone. Thanks in advance!

Hello Everyone,

There are $134 in manufacture coupons in today's paper. If you look on the back page of the Red Plum insert, there are 3 Albertsons doubles. On the bottom of one my Albertsons receipt this week was another Free French Bread Survey. I haven't been getting too many of those lately.


I have gotten a lot of $.50 propel coupons off ebay. When the propel is $1.00 at Safeway or Albertson, they are free with the manufacture and double coupons. When you buy the 26 oz. Propel at Safeway or Albertsons, you also get a $1.00 catalina coupon to use on your next purchase of Propel 6- pack. At Albertsons, the 6-pack is on sale for $3.00, regular $5.19. Use that $1.00 catalina coupon and double(I use a coupon friendly checker with the catalina coupons) and your cost is only $1.00 for the Propel 6-pack. I have really been stocking up on this buy. This sale is good thru July 16.


The flyer in the paper have the same coupons as the Tuesday's ad paper.

FREE Kraft Salad Dressing. Sale price is $1.99. Use the $1.00 manufacture/double and it's FREE. This sale is good thru Tuesday.

FREE Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso Drink. Sale price is $2.00. Use the $1.00 manufacture/double and the drink is FREE. This sale is good thru Tuesday.

Fred Meyer

Large Eggs are $.89 dozen.


2-Liter Big K Pop 2 for $1.00 First 6

Healthy Choice or Marie Callender's Dinners 6 for $10. First 6

2 lb. Cheese $3.99 First 2

FM Canned Vedgetables 2 for $1.00 First 6

Carl Buddig Meats $1.88 First 3

Medium Cooked Shrimp $3.99 First 5

Nestle Standard Size Candy Bars 3 for $1.00 First 6

Quilted Northern Bath Tissue or Brawny Paper Towels $5.49 First 4 Also use the $.50 manufacture coupon.

Aquafresh Toothpaste $.99 First 4 Also use the $.75 manufacture coupon for a cost of only $.24.

White Rain Shampoo or Conditioner $.79 First 4



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