Sunday's Ads July 19th

Here is Deborah’s newsletter for this week

Hello Everyone,

There's only $57 in manufacture coupons in today's paper. Continue to check the bottom of your Albertson's receipt. I got another $2.00 off my next order on the receipt I got yesterday. Also check out the green tag specials on dairy. The 1-pound Wild Harvest Organic Butter was marked down to $1.00 each, regular price at $4.99 ea. I got all 5 of them and put 4 of them in the freezer. My Albertsons was really trying to get sell their eggs and the green tag said 4 for $1.00 and they were already gone when I was there. I've never seen eggs that cheap.



Whole Fruit Bars are on sale for $2.99. Use the $1.00 manufacture/double coupons and your cost is only $.99.

On the dollar aisle at Salmon Creek Albertson, Shoppers Value Laundry detergent 55 oz. is only $1.00.


Fred Meyer

Red, Green, or Black Grapes are $.88 lb.

FM Half Gallon Milk or Orange Juice is $1.00, no coupon needed.

Foster Farms Fryer Breast Bone in  $.99 lb.

Ball Park Meat Franks are 2 for $3.00. Also use the $1.00/2 manufacture coupon and your cost is 2 for $2.00.



Gatorade Sports Drink  $.69  First 10

FM Bagels or Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese $1.00  First 10

Kivu Bulk Coffee  $4.99 lb.  First 4 lbs.

Darigold Butter  3 for $5.00  First 6

FM Deluxe Ice Cream is 6 for $10. Limit 6

Kroger Brand Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs $5.99  First 4

Farmland Sliced Bacon  2 for $5.00  First 4

Red Vines or Licorice Vines Tub  $5.49  First 2




Electrasol finish Dishwashing detergent is $3.56. Use the $2.50 manufacture coupon and your cost is $1.06.




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