Kraft Save $25 - I did it!

I did it! It worked! I went in last night on 8/7 (first day of promotion-8/23) and i bought
2 Ritz crackers $2.99 ea
2 Wheat thins $2.99 ea
2 Kraft Natural shredded cheese $3.49 ea
2 Oscar Mayer Shaved meats $3.99 ea
1 Philadelphia cream cheese $3.99 (Purchased wrong size of this but had enough without it!)

coupons used
2 buy Ritz get Wheat thins Free- (these were from back in May i think)
5 $5 CAT from unilever promotion this week and last
$.97 cash

When i got done the $5 coupon and the rebate slip DIDN'T print. Since customer service was closed i waited till this morning and went back. She took a box of Ritz off the shelf and rang up $25 worth and it printed out. I was worried my original receipt wouldn't work because I had the wrong size Cream Cheese , but she checked and I had over $25 off without it as i hadn't counted the price of the Wheat thins in as they were free but i could have and she assured me that it would work so here goes! I'll let you know. Let me know how it works for you.

Go HERE for complete details

Here are the participating products:

*Kraft Natural or Shredded Cheese (5.8-16oz.)

*Wheat Thins, Triscuit or flavor originals (7-20oz.)

*Crystal Light drink mix (any variety)

*Planters mixed nuts or cashew halves (9.25-11.5oz)

*Oscar Mayer deli fresh shaved meats (6-9oz.)

*Kraft mac & cheese dinner (5.5-7.25oz.)

*Maxwell house coffee (31.5-39oz.)

*Capri Sun juice 10 ct.

*Kraft cheese singles (10.7-12oz.)

*Jell-o gelatin or pudding snacks (6pk.)

*California Pizza Kitchen or Digiorno pizzas (11.9-32.7oz.)

*Ritz crackers (13.6-16oz.)

*Chips Ahoy cookies (12-15.25oz.)

*Oscar Mayer lunchable fun packs (9.4-12.55oz.)

*Starbucks coffee 12oz.

*Philadelphia cream cheese soft or whipped 8 oz.

*Oscar Mayer meat 10oz.

*Kraft Easy Mac or Velveeta cups (2-2.44oz.)

*Kraft mayo mayonnaise or Miracle Whip dressing 18oz.

*Kraft natural slices (7-8oz.)

*Planters trail mix (4-6oz.)

*California Pizza Kitchen or Digorno for One or Flatbread Melts (5.3-10oz.)

*Nabisco Toasted Chips (6-8.1oz.)

*Kraft string cheese (9-12oz.)


Anonymous said...

thanks libby trying it tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

hello, I went yesterday and picked up 25 mac &cheese (my youngest loves them and I was about out) had 6 $1.00 coupons, 2doubles used 3$5 cats and paid $2. I have already sent in my rebate. Great trip! dawn

Libby said...

Love love love comments! Thanks for taking the time to write!

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