Bailing out my Phone and Internet budget Pt 2

I started to tell you in my last post (HERE) how i helped bail out my phone and Internet budget. I decided that if I would cancel my home phone (@$35 + a month) i could afford High Speed Internet again so i started researching. I knew using my cell phone instead wasn't an option because 5 of us were sharing 800 min and 3 of "us" were teens! I found a Beta test of a Google product called "GrandCentral" ( soon to be unveiled as "Google Voice".) You could get a local number for free with voice mail and it would route it to my computer through a Gizmo number. I know, I know ,it's getting complicated, but it worked for me. There are better solutions though ( though i am loving Google voice and it is one of "My Favs" now so i can pick up on my cell phone without using my minutes ( and yes i checked with T Mobile and asked if i could do this and they said it wasn't one of the numbers that couldn't be a Fave), one newer one that my friend Alan wrote and told me about is Magic Jack . I had already heard of it cuz my Mom has one but he even took his to Columbia with him and said it worked fine! ( He is with Wycliffe Bible Translators-not working for a drug cartel- i just didn't want there to be any confusion , Alan , about your frequent trips to Columbia) It costs $40 for the device and the first year of service ($20 a year thereafter- yes A YEAR ). It plugs into a USB port on your computer and your regular phone plugs into that. You down load some software and set it up with step by step instructions and even video on YouTube to help.I set my Mom's up for her. You have to have High Speed Internet and the downside is that your computer has to be on for you to receive calls but it comes with free voice mail so you aren't missing calls. I hope this helps you think through some creative solutions for bailing out your budget.


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