For Starbucks lovers- who knew?

I admit, I'm not really a coffee lover. For some reason if I drink it
I can't sleep for days but I learned something today for you Starbucks lovers that you may or may not know. There are some
great benefits for using and registering a Startbucks gift card:

Free syrup and soy additions
Free brewed or iced coffee refills
Free beverage with whole bean purchase
Two hours of free Wi-Fi daily
And , according to Starbucks, they just added a free coffee Drink at participating store on your Birthday! Who knew? (Please tell me I'm not the last person on Earth to find this out!)


Ana said...

I always thought it was the norm for coffee houses to give you free refills on drip coffee after you buy your first one?

I know Brewed Awakenings and Seattle's Best Coffee do.

I did not know about the free soy/syrup additions, though, that's awesome!


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